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Laravel and SEO optimization. Doing SEO for website made in Laravel is a bit different then on regular HTML website, WordPress or some other platform. A difference is you will have to be familiar with Laravel framework in order to change meta tags, sections on pages and manipulate with any element web page have.
A Package to Help set up SEO in Your Laravel Project Laravel News.
A Package to Help set up SEO in Your Laravel Project. June 10th, 2019. Easily set up SEO in your Laravel applications with the code4mk/lara-head package by Mostafa Kamal. Heres an example of how youd use this package to set Facebook Opengraph tags.:
Ultimate Laravel Website SEO Guide Tools for 2021 ColorWhistle.
It comes with recommended meta tags like Standard SEO, Dublin Core, Facebook OpenGraph, Twitter Card. You may follow this link to implement this SEO package in your Laravel application. The most popular SEO plug-in for Laravel 5.8 and Lumen is artesaos/seotools.
Packalyst: Packages for Laravel.
SEO tools to insert meta and structured-data in laravel projects. seo laravel structured-data. SEO Package for Laravel. seo laravel arcanedev. A SEO extension for your laravel project. SEO friendly meta tags generator for Laravel. html seo tags laravel meta. A small wrapper for artesaos/seotools SEO Package.
Download the PHP library lostcause/laravel-seo-meta One click!
On this page you can find all versions of the php package lostcause/laravel-seo-meta. It is possible to download/install these versions without Composer. Possible dependencies are resolved automatically. Vendor lostcause Package laravel-seo-meta Short Description Laravel seo meta License MIT Homepage https// Keywords AM2Studio Laravel seo meta.
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How To Update Page Title and Metadata with Vue.js and vue-router DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean home. DigitalOcean Homepage.
In this tutorial, you learned how to use meta fields and navigation guards to update the page title and metadata on route change. If you use prerendering, then these changes will be baked into your prerendered HTML files and will work great for SEO.
SEO friendly meta tags generator for Laravel. add the provider to configapp.php.: run php artisan vendorpublish: to copy the config file. meta default_title My App, // default title for application concat_default_title' true, // wheatehr to concat the default title with the provided title.
am2studio/laravel-seo-meta Menu.
For each model which that use seo meta add trait SeoMetaTrait" and implement interface SeoMetaInterface." use AM2Studio Laravel SeoMeta SeoMetaTrait; use AM2Studio Laravel SeoMeta SeoMetaInterface; class User implements SeoMetaInterface use SeoMetaTrait.; Interface SeoMetaInterface" have 2 function that model need to implement seoMetasConfig" and seoMetas."
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/ meta name'keywords' content'key1, key2, key3 / meta property'articlepublished_time: content'2015-01-31T203011-0200: / meta property'articlesection: content'news' / meta propertyogdescriptioncontentdescription: / meta propertyogtitlecontentTitle: / meta propertyogurlcontenthttp// / meta propertyogtypecontentarticle: / meta propertyoglocalecontentpt-br: / meta propertyoglocalealternatecontentpt-pt: / meta propertyoglocalealternatecontenten-us: / meta propertyogsite_namecontentname: / meta propertyogimagecontenthttp// / meta propertyogimagecontenthttp// / meta propertyogimagecontenthttp// / meta propertyogimagecontenthttp// / meta propertyogimageurlcontenthttp// / meta propertyogimagesizecontent300: / meta nametwittercardcontentsummary: / meta nametwittertitlecontentTitle: / meta nametwittersitecontent@LuizVinicius73: / script typeapplication/ldjson@contexthttps//, Over 9000 Thousand/script" OR with multi script typeapplication/ldjson@contexthttps//, Over 9000 Thousand/script" script typeapplication/ldjson@contexthttps//, Over 9000 Thousand/script" /head body /body /html. artesaos/seotools: SEO Tools for Laravel.
Seotamic SEO Addon a Statamic Addon.
The Marketplace Addons Starter Kits. Seotamic SEO Addon. Release Notes Github Repo. Statmic v3 only. Automatically adds a SEO tab to all your collection entries where you can fine tune SEO for every entry. Generates the whole array of SEO settings.: titleMy Page Title/title meta namedescription" contentSEO" friendly description" / link relcanonical" hrefhttps// / meta propertyogurl: contenthttps// / meta propertyogsite_name: contentSite" name" / meta propertyogtitle: contentMy" Page Title" / meta propertyogdescription: contentSEO" friendly description" / meta propertyoglocale: contenten_US" / meta propertyogimage: contenthttps// / Version 2 changes. Version 2 has breaking changes. If you update from version 1, your global settings will not be transfered, you need to manually copy the old files to the content directory. Include the package with composer.: composer require cnj/seotamic. The package requires Laravel 7 and PHP 7.3.

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