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How to create the right meta description Yoast.
Dev blog posts. The Yoast Care fund. Nominate someone for our Care fund right now! Home SEO blog Content SEO How to create the right meta description How to create the right meta description. 21 December 2020 24 Comments Tags Content SEO, SEO copywriting. Willemien is the Manager Content of yoast.com. She loves creating user-friendly content and making it easy to find for people and search engines. The meta description is a snippet of up to about 155 characters a tag in HTML which summarizes a pages content.
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Now lets dive into how to use Yoast SEOs features. When you create a blog post, youll see a WordPress meta box containing post-specific settings for how you want the post to be represented and found on search engines. The first thing youll want to configure is your focus keyword. The focus keyword should be a three to five-word phrase or concept that generally expresses the topic of the content. Identifying your focus keyword helps Yoast grade your post content using their own secret sauce. SEO Title and Meta Descriptions. Now that Yoast has been configured to analyze your post content, youll want to consider the copy shown in a search engine result: the page title and brief description appearing beneath it.
How to Add Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions in WordPress GreenGeeks.
What kind of systems do you use to find keywords for your content? What kind of SEO tools do you have in your WordPress website? Author: Chris Racicot. Chris is the Support Manager at GreenGeeks and has been with the company since 2010. He has a passion for gaming, scripting and WordPress. When hes not enjoying his sleep, hes working on his guitar skills and fiddling with 3d printing. Was this article helpful? How to Get the Most Out of Lazy Load by WP Rocket in WordPress. How to Add a Star Rating System with YASR in WordPress. How to Embed a Weather Widget for WordPress with Ventus. How to Set Up a Request Form for Zendesk in WordPress. How to Add a Ticker with Cryptocurrency Widgets in WordPress. How to Set Up OneClick Chat to Order with WooCommerce. Computer Resolve Center. 4 years ago. already i am using this plugin. if you describe about manually meta keywords, descriptions then it will be better for me. 4 years ago. Hi, can you elaborate on what you mean by manual meta keywords or descriptions? 3 years ago. After Yoast 6.2, Meta Keywords have been removed from their plug-in.
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View Our Portfolio. What We Do. Latest From Wibble. Work At Wibble. development SEO support web WordPress. Yoast SEO: How to Change Your WordPress Title Meta Description. BY Stephen Matthews 21 February 2019 5 MIN READ. Update: since publication of this post, we have added more posts to our SEO blog, notably SEO guide: Basic steps to take when posting to WordPress. Yoast has become the go-to SEO solution for improving SEO and rankings on search engine results pages SERPs within the WordPress community. Its full of features that are regularly updated and has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Wibble installs and configures Yoast SEO for all of our WordPress designed and developed sites, by default. Here I will be showing you how to change the title and Meta Description using Yoast SEO on WordPress this a task that is regularly carried out with every page or post update. All of Wibbles web design clients have the option to configure the plugin as described below. Changing the Title Meta Description through each Post Page. Login to your WordPress site. Navigate to the Yoast SEO Plugin. If you dont have Yoast installed go to Plugins Add New Yoast SEO.
List of available snippet variables in Yoast SEO Yoast.
Home Help center WordPress plugins Yoast SEO List of available snippet variables in Yoast SEO List of available snippet variables in Yoast SEO. One of the most important functions of Yoast SEO free or premium is the ability to automatically add SEO title and meta description templates to the homepage, all custom post types, all custom taxonomies, and other pages. We include default templates that are SEO-friendly but you can also modify the default templates. If you want to know more about what snippet variables are and how Yoast SEO uses snippet variables, you could read this article. Or, to read about how to modify the default snippet template, check out this guide.
Yoast SEO: gebruik van titels en metabeschrijving Optimalisatie.
U ziet dan ook meteen dat de structuur verandert: https//www.krachtinternetmarketing.nl: blog yoast-seo. Kijk uit met het veranderen van de slug! Want zodra Google deze pagina heeft opgenomen in de zoekmachine, dan kan Google de pagina niet meer vinden, zodra de slug pagina naam veranderd is. Met de betaalde versie van Yoast SEO wordt dit dan weer opgelost, doordat automatisch een zogenaamde 301-redirect wordt uitgevoerd. Dus een verwijzing naar de zojuist veranderde pagina. En dan hebben we nog de meta omschrijving. Deze omschrijving is een korte samenvatting van de inhoud van de pagina. Het is goed om hierbij in ieder geval de focus zoekterm te benoemen. Deze wordt dan net als in de Google zoekmachine vet weergegeven. De plugin van Yoast geeft keurig met een groene balk aan hoe lang de omschrijving mag zijn. Zorg ervoor dat de omschrijving duidelijk is en niet misleidend. Zo voorkomt u dat de bezoeker meteen weer vertrekt, zodra deze de pagina bezocht heeft. Preview van het zoekmachine resultaat. Focustrefwoord Yoast SEO verwerkt in de meta-omschrijving. Sjablonen voor titels en metabeschrijvingen. Met de Yoast SEO-plug-in kunt u ook sjablonen voor de titels en metabeschrijvingen instellen.
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Optimizing SEO for your site will increase your chances of being found in Google and other search engines. A correct SEO strategy will ensure that when you show up in search engines, the results are relevant to the readers queries and your blogs digital window display looks spotless. How to optimize my SEO with Yoast SEO? An amazing plugin that would help you with this process is Yoast SEO. After adding it to your active plugins, you will find the YOAST SEO area on your backend when editing a page, blog post or category if you keep scrolling down after the editing section. Please note that the process will be the same either you use Gutenberg or the Classic Editor to create and edit your blog posts. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and lets take a look at all the specifications for the different fields: Focus Keyword, SEO Title, Meta Description and Alt-tags.
Importing to Yoast SEO WP All Import. bars. angle-left. angle-right. angle-up. cross.
Yoast uses thirteen different Custom Fields to store settings for your posts. If you dont import a value to a Custom Field then Yoast WordPress SEO will simply assign your post the default for that field. Name Custom Field Values. Meta Robots Index. Blank for default, 1 for noindex, or 2 for index. Meta Robots Follow. Blank for follow, 1 for nofollow. Meta Robots Advanced. Blank for default, none, noodp, noydir, noimageindex, noarchive, or nosnippet. Include in Sitemap. Blank for auto, always, or never. Blank for auto, 1 to 1. Canonical URL of post. URL to redirect post to. URL to image. Heres an example of how your import template might look while importing Yoast WordPress SEO settings.: Importing SEO data for Taxonomies. Yoast stores taxonomy SEO data via the Options API, so the Term Meta section wont work instead, youll need to use our add-on for Yoast: https//wordpress.org/plugins/yoast-seo-settings-xml-csv-import/.: In the import settings, youll still use the term meta section to decide which fields to update.
WordPress SEO Tutorial: 31 Clever Ways To Boost Rankings.
You can find issues with page experience, mobile, schema, security, manual actions, and even submit URLs to Google once youre done publishing. I will cover general SEO recommendations as well, from themes to SEO plugins, keyword research, on-page SEO, and many less obvious tips. I tried to condense it as much as possible. Dont Obsess Over Green Lights. Table Of Contents. High Quality Graphics. Aim For 3000, Words. Internal External Links. Nofollow Sponsored Affiliate Links. Noindex Unwanted Pages. Update Old Content. Core Web Vitals. Googles Core Algo Updates. Check For Mobile Browser Issues. Many themes and page builders are slow specifically Elementor and Divi. Thats because they add extra CSS and JavaScript to your website which can slow it down and affect core web vitals. If youre using one of these page builders, your core web vitals report likely has CSS and JavaScript errors or even enormous network payloads. You can optimize them by disabling unused CSS/JS from page builders using Asset CleanUp or Perfmatters and Elementors Optimize DOM Output Improved Asset Loading, but builders can still slow down your site.
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For help with identifying existing pages on your site that may have title tag problems, go back to the Alexa Site Audit Tool. View the portion of the report that identifies pages with missing or duplicate meta title tags. Dont worry about meta keywords. Like a meta title and description, meta keywords are terms that are tagged and placed in a pages HTML. But unlike titles and descriptions, meta keywords have very little impact on the value of the page for search engines or users. Major search engines have publically stated that these hidden terms are not ranking factors. Also, meta tag keywords are not visible to users, so dont exert energy adding these extra terms to your pages. Use different rich snippets for Facebook and Twitter. Social media platforms typically use a pages defined meta description as the blurb for their featured posts. But you can adjust this. By using a tool like the Yoast SEO plugin, you can change the text that will appear when the page or post is shared through social media. This gives you more options for customizing your page data to best fit the platforms it is shared on.
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Text link counter Shows you how many internal links your post or page has. This can help you build an optimal SEO structure on your site. XML sitemaps You can enable this to allow Yoast to automatically generate XML sitemaps for you. Ryte integration Ryte will check weekly if your site is indexed in search engines and notify you of any potential issues. Admin bar menu Adds Yoast icon to your admin bar menu with shortcuts and useful links to other tools available with Yoast. Security Prevents authors from removing posts from search results and changing canonical URLs and only allows editors and admins to do this. You might want to keep this feature turned on. See what features you find useful and leave them enabled, disable others to avoid distractions and annoyances. Webmasters Tools Tab. The Webmasters tools tab allows you to add verification codes for the worlds 4 largest search engines.: Google Search Console mentioned earlier. Yandex Russian search engine. Baidu Chinese search engine. Bing Microsofts search engine. Sign up for each Webmaster Tool using the HTML verification option, and paste the verification codes in Yoast only the part within the quotation marks.

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